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REVIEW: BAD MILO (2013) ... Is That A Demon Up Your Ass?!

Let me start of by saying, this movie is really hilarious and extremely well-made! A man who has a demon stuck up his ass and comes out when he's stressed out to eliminate the source of the stress?! Yeah that's the premise of the story but don't be fooled, Bad Milo is funny.
Ken Marino plays the part of Ken, who discovers that he has a demon inside himself. Ken plays his role very well and I wonder how he didn't laugh through some of these scenes as they were being filmed. Everyone plays their respective roles iimpressively, including Peter Stormare, who plays a therapist of sorts. Peter Stormare you will remember played the Devil in Constantine brilliantly, a role he has yet to improve on but steals the show here as an eccentric witchdoctor who discovers the demon inside Ken and tells us more about the myth behind the story.
Other roles played to perfection include that of Patrick Warburton, as Ken's corrupt boss and Gillian Jacobs as Ken's ( very understanding ) wife. Stephen Root is Ken's dad, who appears as a loser stoner but eventually comes around and assists his son.
 Watch this, movie, have fun and enjoy it for what it is, an entertaining break from the norm akin to Idle Hands from a few years ago. Well worth watching indeed.
A horror comedy centered on a guy who learns that his unusual stomach problems are being caused by a demon living in his intestines.
Ken Marino - KEN
Gillian Jacobs - SARAH
Peter Stormare - HIGHSMITH
Patrick Warburton -PHIL
Stephen Root - ROGER
Jacob Vaughan


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